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Windswept Mountains View Christmas Tree Farm

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Welcome to our family oriented, choose and cut, Christmas tree farm where we grow 16 different species of fir trees for your pleasure. Come and join us in the spirit of old fashioned family tradition to choose your farm fresh Christmas tree. Take a hayride up the hill (weather permitting) to enjoy our spectacular 70 mile, 3 state view.

Directly below we have included a map or our tree farm. Below the map you will find more information about many of the different species of fir trees we have available. We hope to see you soon!

Tree Farm Map

Some Information About Our Trees

Our farm is unique as we specialize in growing fir trees native to different regions of the United States as well as from many Countries throughout the world.  These “exotic” trees provide our customers with something different as compared to the typical limited selections usually found at most tree farms or retail lots.  These exotics offer a variety of interesting foliage, texture, scent and color.

We are currently growing 15 species of firs and hybrid crosses which include some of our most popular species:

Balsam Fir, which is our only native fir to the New England region and is known for its soft needle foliage and fresh woods scent.
Fraser Fir, native to the mountains of North Carolina and Virginia, has a shorter needle length and more “bottle type brush foliage” and stiffer branched as compared to Balsam.
Fraser X Balsam, is a hybrid cross between the Balsam and Fraser and is also called the “(Fralsam Trademark of the Weir Tree Farm of Colebrook, NH)” and offers the advantages of both species that neither one separately can provide.
Grand Fir, native to the Northwestern United States, has a very deep green,, long needle foliage, and has the most aromatic scent of all the firs with a citrus-fir odor.
 Turkish Fir, native to Northern Turkey, has beautiful, shiny, long needle foliage with limited fir scent which some people with allergies prefer.  It is very strong branched which is good for holding heavy ornaments.
Korean Fir, native to the southern portion of Korea, which has exquisite, formal, green foliage with a beautiful white flash from underneath the needle.  Has a unique strong fir scent.
Nordmann Fir, native to Turkey and the Soviet Union, has a very dark green, shiny long needled foliage, but tends to be a more open branched tree which provides an area to display those beautiful ornaments.
Balsam X Veitch , this hybrid cross blends the characteristics of Balsam and Veitch firs with a longer needle than on the Balsam.

Some of the other species growing on the farm that will be ready for harvest in the next few years include:

Greek Fir    -   Greece
King Boris Fir   -   Bulgaria
Blue Korean   -   hybrid cross, Korean & Corkbark
Korean X Balsam   -   hybrid cross, Balsam & Korean

We are constantly replanting these species on a rotational basis to help sustain the variety of species we offer our Customers.


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